Ace Body Corporate Management Franchisees

Strata management is a respectable white collar profession. Ace typically recruits managers who have a professional background, a focus on customer service, a good attention to detail, people skills, strong computer literacy, and who will utilise ongoing training and support.

Ace focuses on providing new franchisees an easy entry position to the strata industry with a dedicated local territory that comes with education and support initiatives. We help ensure our managers remain competitive in the marketplace and our ongoing support helps our managers to quickly and easily solve complex issues by providing multiple lines of support. Our established brand builds word-of-mouth alongside our managers upholding our customer service promise of "Professional Personal Service"

As an Ace manager, you will:

Benefits of the ACE Franchise

  • Top franchisees earn over $100k p.a.
  • Stable earnings paid quarterly in advance
  • Opportunity to build income to desired level
  • Flexible work hours for your lifestyle
  • Territory and portfolio goodwill are saleable assets
  • Respected white collar work
  • Established brand with word-of-mouth
  • Franchisor support reduces complex decision-making
  • Franchisor provides multiple lines of support

Growing your Franchise Business

Build up a Portfolio. We suggest that you allow around 18 months to build up to a good sized income for a greenfield site with no existing portfolio. We can assist you to purchase a portfolio as well as market in your local area. Your portfolio is a saleable asset and is currently in strong demand.
Grow your Branch. You can build your level of income to your desired level to fit in with a home/office lifestyle or, as you build your portfolio organically or by marketing, simply upgrade to an office with staff environment to accomodate for a large and ever growing portfolio.
Split your Territory. Your Ace territory is a saleable asset. Sometimes managers will split their geographical territory and sell a portion of the territory and even portfolio..