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A new body corporate requires the establishment of insurance, accounts, forecasts and financials. It also means understanding the process of registering the body corporate and obtaining titles and certificates in addition to resolving construction issues and legal compliance such as essential services.

There are legal requirements when establishing a body corporate in a new development or sub-dividing an existing building. The process and paperwork require due diligence and an experienced and certified strata manager. Ace strata managers will assist you in the process of subdivision, setting up the body corporate, and inaugural meeting.

Ace Body Corporate Management - Developer Strata Schemes

Our services include establishment of by-laws, preparing and running the inaugural general meeting, site inspection and recommendations, insurance, initial maintenance contracts, document preparation and assistance with any queries you may have.

Ace Body Corporate Management advises developers to seek a body corporate manager from the very early stages of construction. Appointing a strata manager early on will mean a strata manager can advise you of any issues and guide the establishment of a body corporate during the stages of development. This will reduce the risks and body corporate costs for the developer as well providing a source of free professional advice.

Ace Body Corporate Management - Developer Construction

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