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Self-Managed Strata Services

If you are a member of a self-managed body corporate, then there is a strong likelihood that you will require assistance from a qualified strata manager. Managing a body corporate is a multifaceted field drawing from legal, social, financial, and other complex areas such as engineering and maintenance. In the event your self-managed body corporate turns to dispute or a difficult path, rest assured a lifeline is available.

An Ace body corporate manager can be hired for advice, as a strata manager, or for to manage a project. Please contact your local Ace strata manager and make an enquiry for a quote request and further discussion.
Committee Training

Committee Training

Committee work can be demanding, get overwhelming or its roles can be confusing. An Ace manager can deliver a short training course in an owner's unit, local meeting room, or at one of our offices.

The short course can be tailored as you wish and will generally cover roles and duties, committee functions and responsibilities, and completing documents and tasks. An open forum will allow committee members to ask for independent advice and any additional questions anyone may have.

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Supported Network

Mediation Services

Body corporate living can result in disputes just as anywhere else. Ace provides a qualified mediator who can mediate body corporate stakeholders, such as body corporate members, a current strata manager, neighbouring body corporates or property owners, trades people, service provides, legal practitioners, or other stakeholders such as a real estate agent.

A qualified accredited mediator will focus on establishing each party's needs and facilitating the environment to generate the best WIN/WIN outcome.

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Problem Solver

Dispute Resolution Services

When people live in a closed community with various stakeholders, all of whom have varying goals and interests, disputes can naturally arise. When a dispute escalates, it needs to be resolved to remove any problematic issues that could affect the condition of the property or the finances of the body corporate, not to mention the social environment. Advice is at hand with an Ace manager.

An Ace manager can advise and clarify whether a party has transgressed a legal boundary and empower you with the knowledge required to make the right steps in the resolution process. It is not recommended to go-it-alone in the resolution of a complicated dispute that poses serious consequences. Without the right knowledge and mediation, the consequences could escalate.

Please make an enquiry for a quote request and then confidential discussion.

Commercial Stratum Services

Commercial buildings require bodies corporate as do their residential counterparts. Selecting a body corporate manager for your commercial strata property requires greater criteria for qualifications and experience. All Ace managers have established themselves as a strata professional, undergo extensive training and certification to become a strata manager, maintain membership with the relevant state institute for strata management, attend regular continuing professional development workshops, have access to an internal database of resources, and have access to a large peer support network.

A commercial stratum demands an understanding of greater legal complexities for compliance as well as the issues involved in construction, insurance, and business operations. Ace recommends that you get to know a manager before signing a management agreement.

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Retirement Village Audits

Ace has qualified and experienced retirement village auditors who can be used to provide independent reporting services. Whether you require a legal audit or would like to prepare for your next audit, an Ace Retirement Village Auditor can deliver to your needs through advisory consultation, site inspection and reporting, or as an appointed auditor for industry accreditation.

A retirement village audit consists of a site inspection, sighting relevant documents, determining legal compliance, conducting interviews with management, staff and residents, and completing a reporting checklist.

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